Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Five: School, Craft room and a Hidden Surprise

Happy Friday everyone!  I am looking forward to the weekend, especially now that school is back in full swing, weekends really have become extra special again.   Join me every Friday by sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.

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5 Thoughts

1. We survived our first full week of school.  Traffic is actually worlds better, yet still awful; the kids just sat right down and did their homework when it was time, and they all are still happy about school.  A win-win!

2. I haven't really been home very much while Ryder has been at school, so I haven't had a chance to just sit and think about how quiet the house is without everyone.

3. I am itching to re-do the playroom into my craft room!  There are still quite a few toys the kids play with so it is probably going to be half play room/ half craft room, but I am excited to be able to bring some of my craft things out of the garage.

4. This last week after I donated a bunch of kids books (part of the prep work for the craft room), I of course had to stop in the thrift store and might have bought a few more books.  Way less than I donated though, and ones that Alex's needs for BOB (Battle of the Books),  In one book that I got her, we found something that is almost a bit of an antique-- see the picture below.

5. Ryder met his soccer coach this last week.  Thankfully and a bit of a small miracle, his practices are on different days then Alex's.  I was really wondering how we would work it if they ended up on the same day.  But that does also mean that 4 days a week (5 once games are started) I will be at a soccer field.

5 Pictures
Had fun at Knotts on Saturday 
Eyeing this piece at Hobby Lobby-- can't decide if all those little drawers are actually practical 
Cute girls-- silly boys.  Yesterday was my day for kinder pick-up.
Finally the surprise-- a slumber party invite card- from 1988!! It was inside a book I got at the thrift store
What is your Friday Five?


  1. That relic from the book is cool! And I hear you on practice days. We'll know the boys' flag teams in about 2 weeks and last season, they were on different days but I'm kind of hoping for the same days now. I mean, why not knock out two birds, one stone? I guess it's a matter of being able to watch them both, though my oldest probably doesn't care. Happy Friday!

  2. I love that invitation! Such a fun find. :) I can't believe summer is over and school has been in session so long for a lot of people! We start next week...

  3. Making the loft a craft room would be so awesome! Such a great idea. And wowy, that's a lot of soccer! :)