Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Five: Public Speaking, iPhone 6s and Football

It's now Friday andI I almost forgot Friday 5!  So here is my quick in the morning, while I an getting the kids ready for school Friday 5.  Join me by sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.

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5 Thoughts

1. This year is the kindergarten year, that mid-day pick up really throws things off; yet I love having that extra time with Ryder still.  He comes home and shows me his papers, we eat lunch, hang out and do his homework when I can concentrate fully on him.   But yesterday when he went to a friends house right after school and I had three extra hours, wow I got a lot done.

2. Today is new iPhone day, and yes I am getting the new iPhone and yes I am very excited.

3. Did you know it's fall already.. yeah the weather here forgot it, triple digits here yesterday! Seriously I am so over it.  Living in SoCal I don't miss a real winter anymore (except on Christmas day will always love a white Christmas), but man do I miss a real fall.

4. This past Sunday I spoke to two different church congregations or wards for my Stake Public Affairs calling.  I really don't mind speaking in fact I would often rather speak then teach a lesson as with a lesson you never know how much people are going to interact.

5. Eric and I had such a fun time at the BYU game this last Saturday... it would have been even more fun had we won.. but I am not getting into that now.  I forgot how fun it is to be in a stadium with a bunch of fans yelling and screaming. There were a ton of BYU fans there.  They say our team always travels well, and it does but a lot of has to do with the fact that there are BYU fans everywhere and so it is the local fans that come to these road games.  Though the people we sat with at dinner and around us in the game, all had come down from Utah for the game.

5 Pictures
Football at the Rose Bowl
At the Rose Bowl Cheering on our Cougars-we walked around the entire stadium to get this shot
Playing soccer
Alex playing soccer- which is the number one sports for concussions- yikes- knock on wood she is good! (#Ad)
Beautiful sunset this week
Costco Churros for the win! 
Dresser Makeover
My $30 thrift store find made all pretty now! 

What is your Friday 5 this week?  


  1. I didn't know that about soccer... I thought it was probably football. Your dresser looks great! And love that shot of your and your hubby! :D

    1. Yes, I was surprised by that too, but I read a study and it isn’t even just soccer but girls soccer. Maybe we don’t have as hard of head as those men ;)

  2. I had a student once tell me she got way more injuries playing soccer than her brother did playing football. So it's not entirely surprising but it can be worrisome! Here's hoping she stays safe.

  3. I can't believe it's fall either! It's been hot here too, 90s, and I'm over it too. Can't wait for fall clothes and treats!

  4. My daughter has already hit me up for the new IPhone too. Looks like I'll be renewing yet another contract!
    I love that sunset photo. Just beautiful

  5. Your pics are always so beautiful! Our kindergarten is full day here.

    I'm jealous of your iPhone! My husband was trying to sweet talk the people at Verizon into letting me do my swap out now instead of waiting until Nov 6, which is when I'm due for my new one.

  6. I hear you on speaking in church. I LOVE teaching RS, and that's my current calling and it's totally perfect for me. But I am SCARED of Gospel Doctrine and would rather speak in church every single Sunday than have to teach Gospel Doctrine.