Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday 5: Shooting, In-laws, and a Parent Helper

This has been a very busy, very full week and I am breathing a big sigh of relief that it is over... though my weekend is very full, including (cough- my birthday).  Join me today for Friday 5!

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5 Thoughts

1. Can I just say I have felt like the worst blogger lately.  I have actually been writing, but I have been horrible about going out and reading your blogs!  I really hope to get caught up this afternoon.

2. It probably hasn't helped that I have pretty much not been at home at all this week.  Tuesdays are always my cray insane days, but this week it was also Thursday; I was literally home for about 2 1/2 hours total during the day.

3. I shot a maternity session this week, so fun and and so excited to meet their little guy in a few weeks.  I have a family shoot this weekend... and then a bunch of shoots one right after the next coming up in November.

4. Had such a great time with my in-laws this past weekend.  It was a very sad day when we had to take them back to the airpot.  Lucas had the most sad tears when it was time to say goodbye.

5. I love helping out in my kids' classes at school.  It is so fun and often quite interesting to see their interactions at school.  Ryder's teacher just loves him and says she always wants to take him home.  Great teachers really do make a big difference.

5 Pictures
Family at Glen Oak
My family and my in-laws
Mother and Daughter
Love this picture of me and Alex
Boy Scout
A Boy Scout now! 
Mile High Apple Pie
Mile-High Apple Pie

Fall Leaves in SoCal
Some fall leaves in SoCal

What is your Friday 5?


  1. This really has just been a crazy week, hasn't it?

    That's so sad how sad everyone was when you in-laws had to leave. If only someone would invent teleportation so that distance didn't matter anymore.

  2. I love fall colors. My brother came home from South Korea this week (we haven't seen him in a year) and my dad and stepmom are coming into town any we'll have the family sadness in a few days!

  3. Don't worry, I've been horrible about reading too, case in point!