Thursday, October 22, 2015

North For Christmas: A Book Review

As I am gathering my kids Halloween costumes and buying candy for trick-or-treaters, I also have been getting swept away in a Christmas romance.   Yes the timing may seem off, but I do love getting lost in a book.  I was given a copy of North for Christmas by Christina Dymock to review.
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The Book:
  Have you ever known exactly what you wanted for Christmas? As a child, you may have written a letter to Santa, made a wish upon a star, or locked your dream away in your heart afraid that it might not come true if you so much as whispered it out loud. Even as adults, Christmas wishes carry a magic that can't be explained.
  ICovern North for Christmas, Ruby Jeavon certainly has her heart set on an engagement. It's the first step in creating the family she's always wanted. But things go slightly off course and instead of flying to Italy with her boyfriend, Ruby heads out of town to work as an elf in Nashville. Even though she's far away from her dream, she's about to discover the magic of a Nashville Christmas through the eyes of North Foxwell, her fellow elf and a Christmas expert. Even though North struggles with his own Christmas ghosts, Ruby manages to bring new light to his life.
   Can Ruby let go of her dream to find what her heart truly desires? Only time--at the North Pole--will tell.

My Review: 
   This is a light hearted feel good read, that kept me turning the pages. The story has a lot of predictability to it, yet I still found myself engrossed in the story, wanting to find out what happens next. 
   It is a clean romance that leaves you feeling good when you finish. 
I love that the book also touches on ways that people can give back and can help and how by serving others, true happiness can be found. 
  If you are looking for a light hearted, clean romance that gets you thinking and in the holiday spirit, I recommend this book.

You can pick up your copy of North for Christmas at your local book store, iTunes, Barns and Noble, or from Amazon.

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