Wednesday, October 21, 2015

DIY Dresser Makeover

I love finding used furniture and giving it a new face lift.  I am a big fan of painting furniture, but this time I wanted to try something different.
Dresser Before and After

I found this great solid wood dresser for only $30 at a local thrift store.  A couple of the drawers were starting to fall apart and it looked like someone had painted a room and didn't bother to cover the dresser, but otherwise was in pretty good shape.
Thrift Store Dresser

paint marks

I liked the dresser and especially love the hardware, but I wanted to make it a little more my style.
dresser details

I began by staining the dresser using Varathane Wood Stain, in the Carrington color. I just bought the smallest size and it was more than enough to refinish the entire dresser with a lot leftover. I used a standard size paint brush and just brushed it on.  I have painted many pieces of furniture, but never realized how easy and fast it is to stain wood.
Staining Wood

I discovered that the drawers that were falling apart had mostly just slipped out of their tracks.
broken drawer

 I had to bend a few of the nails back, and then used wood glue to secure the drawers into shape. I  placed a bunch of books on the the drawer to hold it down while the glue dried.
fixing a drawer
Pour the glue into the tracks to strengthen the drawer 

I knew I wanted to retouch the hardware, but the way the hardware was installed I knew it would be very difficult to remove, so I needed a different plan.

While at Home Depot (by the way this post is not sponsored by Home Depot- but if they ever wanted to sponsor a post, I sure wouldn't complain); the guy in the paint department was extremely helpful and taught me how to "Paint with spray paint"

Painting With Spray Paint
  Spray Paint
  Small Paint Brushes (that you most likely will never be able to get clean so will throw away after)
  Container to spray paint in
makeover supplies
When you are "painting" with spray paint, you need to work quickly and in small sections.  I would spray 3 or 4 squirts into the the container and then dip my brush in the wettest part.   You will have to repeat this process many times as the spray paint dries quickly.  If it is feeling too thick or sticky on your brush, then spray some fresh spray paint in the container and start again.
painting with spray paint
A side by side comparison of a unfinished and finished drawer
dresser drawer comparison

I love new look of all the hardware on the dresser.
dresser details after makeover
The final dresser
hallway dresser
dresser makeover

This piece is actually in our upstairs hallway and is where we store our extra bedding and beach towels. I love that I was able to make a $30 thrift store find into something that I love. 

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  1. Such a great find. I wanted something like this when I was pregnant with Addison. You did an awesome job!