Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Five: A feast, a Star and Packing

Happy Friday!  Can you believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away?  I think I am in denial of it, this time of year just goes so fast.

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5 Thoughts

1. Alex and Ryder had their last regular season soccer games; it was the last for Ryder until Spring, but Alex is still going, just not games every weekend for a little while.  Ryder's team went out with a bang and won 6-0, I think they have barely scored that many goals all season!  Alex's team also won 2-0, it was a good soccer weekend.

2. Ryder's class had a Thanksgiving feast and performance yesterday.  They sang a bunch of cute songs and then got to eat, they had a full Thanksgiving meal.. though it was actually chicken not turkey, but they didn't care.

3. At my kids school they take what is called a STAR test to see what reading level they are at.  They usually take it a few times each year.  Lucas, who is in 5th grade recently retook it and he reads at an 11.2 grade level!  So yes he reads as well as some Juniors in HighSchool!  I know he is a good reader, but it floored me that he got this high.

4. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving break; my kids get the entire week off.  I am not looking forward to freezing as we are going to be spending it in Utah, it has snowed there already several times!  I am such a wimp now.

5. Speaking of trips, did I ever tell you how much I hate packing.. especially trying to pack while also finishing editing 5 photo sessions, and helping out in my kids classrooms and just everything else that comes with life.  Wish me luck.

5 Pictures

Picking clothes for photo shoot
Picking clothes for a family picture is hard!
Newborn Photo Shoot
One of my newborns from the week-- please go like my Instagram page
Funny Teeth
Scary teeth!
At Thanksgiving Feast
Me and Ryder at this Thanksgiving day performance- we are in the "hallway" of the school

What is your Friday 5?

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  1. We're traveling next week and I haven't started thinking of packing. My son just had dental stuff done yesterday (at a surgery center) and I haven't quite recovered from that. :-/