Thursday, November 19, 2015

Perfect Way to Give Lego for Christmas

If you are like me and probably a lot of parents out there, your kids love Lego Bricks.  You love them too, as it helps them be creative, build and use a lot less screen time; you love them all except for when you step on those bricks in the middle of the night.

If you are wanting to give Lego Bricks as a gift there are so many awesome sets, but how do you choose what gift?  What if it is for a friend or grandchild, what if you don't know what sets they have?  Enter The Brick Builder Club.
The Brick Builder Club in a subscription service that will send your child (or you) a monthly Lego Subscription Box.  This Lego monthly box comes with fun and unique Lego sets and items.
Monthly Lego Brick Club

Lucas got his first Lego Brick Builder's Club Box this month, here is the unboxing.

He loved the shirt and kept laughing about the poster, I am sure it will soon make it's way to his wall.
Lego T-shirt
The box is themed for each month- and look what the monthly build was!
Lego Turkey
The instructions weren't quite as detailed as traditional Lego sets, but still good enough to get that turkey made; and these are all actually Lego pieces- no knock off substitutions.

There is also a challenge bag where the child gets to create what they want to fit the theme with contests on-line.  I love that they are given pieces just to create with on their own.
Lego Subscription Box

Every month he will get a new box filled with new unique Lego sets; a subscription really would make an awesome gift and hurry and you can use the code FAM20 to receive 20% off your subscription price-- click here for coupon.

So grab your coupon, head over to and get a gift just in time for Christmas for the Lego lover in your life.

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