Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Birthday Snow Day

When we visited Utah for Thanksgiving, I have to admit I hoped it would snow.  I grew up with snow, but now living in Arizona then California, my cold tolerance has greatly dropped; but while we were in Utah I was hoping.

The forecast called for snow the day before Thanksgiving, nothing came.

The last day of our trip was also Alex's birthday.  We woke up to snow!  Not a lot, but to this California kids it was enough.

Only a California kid would first be out in snow with no gloves.

But then they got wise and got gloves
Grandpa (or Pappi) tried to shovel as we continued to play
It truly was wonderfully fun and I forgot how beautiful everything is all covered in white.
The hill near my in-laws house had just enough snow to go sledding on (though all the locals probably were laughing at us)

It truly ended up being the perfect birthday present for Alex.  


  1. Looks like fun! I like snow until it turns ugly. Do your inlaws live in Utah?

  2. What a great day! Sometimes I kind of miss the snow. And then I remember shoveling the driveway and I'm like nope, I'm good.