Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Matchup- A LDS Romance

I was given a copy of The Matchup by Laura L. Walker to review- all feelings and options are my own

The Book:
Life rarely goes as you plan.  For Valerie she thought she was doing everything right, marrying a nice man who worked hard and shared her religious beliefs; but she soon discovered that he has very specific expectations as to how a wife should be.  When their son is born with autism her husband gives up on her and her family all together.

Gage was not exactly the boy next door, rebelling from his beliefs and family as a teenager.  With a quick Vegas wedding and unexpected son; things are quickly spiraling out of control.  With time, Gage realizes he wants to turn his life around but doesn't know how.

When Gage has to call upon Valerie to help with his son, they begin to realize how much they need each other and can help each other grow.

My Review:

This is a great clean book about second chances and dealing with challenges that arise in life.  The story deals with autism, forgiveness, and has a great romance story. The main characters are LDS and this would definitely be considered a LDS fiction.  The book moves at a great pace but then near the end seems to almost jump and speed up; I even turned back a page to ensure that I didn't miss anything. Overall I really did enjoy the book.

The Author:
  This is Laura L. Walker's second book, I reviewed her first book Pierced By Love here.

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  1. That sounds like a fun story. I need to read more uplifting stuff.