Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Five: First tooth, Crazy Ice Cream and American Idol

Woot! Friday 5 Time!  5 thoughts, 5 pictures-bam easy post idea!  Join me! #Friday5

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5 Thoughts

1. This has been a crazy busy week, not only has there been the regular soccer practice, school, homework, etc. but there was a soccer team parent meeting, school awards assemblies, a newborn photo shoot... and on top if it all, I am presenting at a Women's meeting at my church this Saturday....which I may or may not be quite finished with my presentation yet.

2. My photo shoot this week was a total last minute one and a referral from another photographer; I have to admit it felt really good being picked by another professional as a great choice.

3. Lucas and Alex both received academic awards this last week, they both have straight A's, very proud mama.

4. I am watching the last season of American Idol, I am actually really enjoying it; there are some  crazy talented people.  In my next life I want to be able to sing like that.

5. Ryder lost his first tooth!!  My baby lost his first tooth!  It honestly made me almost tear up a bit-as time goes too fast.

5 Pictures
Funny Icecream
It takes some kind of skill to make a ice-cream cone like that! 
Pretty Sunset
Pretty Sunset
School awards
My kids with their teachers 
Lost first tooth
First tooth gone! 
Newborn Photoshoot
Back of the camera of newborn shoot from this week
What is your Five this week?


  1. Great sunset! And that's great about their grades. My 3rd grader is struggling to get that last A; he really wants all As but comprehension tests are really challenging him.

  2. How is that ice cream cone even real???
    Ryder you have to stay small!
    You will be awesome at your presentation! I envy your stake.
    That baby is so precious!

  3. Linked up! I'll be back to read in just a bit - gotta get Ambria to an activity!!

  4. The busy-ness starts early, and snowballs from there! Especially with sports in the mix! What a wonderful family you have. :) And I love, love, LOVE the pics.

  5. Congratulations to Lucas and Alex on their awards!
    I can't believe Ryder is old enough to lose a tooth. It goes too fast!
    Beautiful picture of the sunset.
    I am with you on the busyness. Every time I open my planner I feel overwhelmed!