Thursday, February 4, 2016

Throw Back Thursday: Family Reunion in Yellowstone

I am continuing with my Throw Back Thursday's- this time taking you to the summer of 2014 for our family reunion in Yellowstone.  We did a ton on this trip so today I am sharing Day 1 and 2.

When you have 27 people staying in one place, you need a really big place.  Thankfully my mom found this amazing cabin at Island Park that fit us all!  It was three stories and beautiful.

If you have never been to Yellowstone, it is beautiful.  At times it almost feels like you are on another planet.
Scenery in Yellowstone

It was crazy at times keeping us all together as we saw the sites, but it was worth it and so fun.

We spent the first two days viewing the park and really only saw a small portion of it.  It is huge.  I loved the colorful pools.  They seemed like something from another planet.
Yellowstone National Park
We saw some animals too.
Bison in Yellowstone

More group shots
My family- look at the toothless Alex
In Yellowstone Park

It really was wonderful being there with my family; we don't all get together too often.  When you have 5 brothers and sisters that live across the country, it is hard to get together.
My siblings and parents 

One of the days we spent in the park we all wore matching shirts my sister-in-law bought for all of us.  It made for great group pictures.


It really was thrilling to be able to see all of the different gysers and colorful pools and just nature.  It truly is a spectacular place like nothing else.

Next time I will share our next two days, including the adventure at the lake!  

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