Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Five: First place, Sick Days and the Fog

Happy Friday everyone!  Join me each Friday by sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week for Friday 5!  #Friday5

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5 Thoughts 
1. This week when I picked up Lucas from school, he was standing there with his science fair poster board and a big purple ribbon!  He got 1st place in the entire district!  He will now be moving to the county science fair.  I am so proud of him and so grateful all of his hard work is being acknowledged.

2. Sometimes plans and life get put on hold.  This week Ryder was sick and stayed home from school for a couple days.  One of those awful coughs where he just seems to never stop coughing and a fever.  Thursday I decided to take him to the doctor, called right away but they couldn't get us in until 4:00; of course that whole day he hardly ever coughed and seemed to be doing better.  He did still have a fever though and was prescribed a Z-pack.

3. I was amazed at how little I got done the days he was home.  There were times he was just watching a show so I could have got stuff done, but I think I took a 'sick' day too.

4. A friend from high school started a "reunion" page for those of us that were in band, hoping we can all get together sometime.  Our band director is part of the group and mentioned that he was going to be retiring in four years.  He was young when he was my band director- am I really getting that old?

5. After Alex's soccer game on Saturday, which was rough, we drove through the craziest storm coming home.  Her game was up in the high desert and so we had to descend back down; it was clear and great at her game, but we literally could see the start of the storm as we began our descent.  For a while we were driving right through it and it was the thickest fog I have ever seen in my life, as it was more than just fog, we were driving right through the clouds of the storm.

5 Pictures
First place science fair project
Pretty clouds over mountains
Pretty clouds over the mountains- the same range when came down into the storm through 
Thick fog out window
The fog out the window-Alex took this for me from the back seat
Mother and daughter yogurt trip
Before the fog- and after the game frozen yogurt was a must (don't mind my lack of makeup) 
Funny way to brush your teeth
Don't you sit on the counter when brushing your teeth?

What is your Friday 5?


  1. Emmy, I love your Friday 5 posts! You and your family are so doggone cute. How crazy driving THROUGH the storm, literally. Sorry that Ryder was sick, but it sounds like you're over the worst of it. You know, that you took a "sick day" too was a good thing. Taking time to recharge is needed. Plus, I can remember when I was a kid, and if I got sick, there was nothing I wanted more in the world for my Mama to just sit with me. (Not so much Daddy because he didn't believe in being sick and had old timey man ways of dealing with feeding a stomach virus--bad, bad, bad idea. LOL!!) Thank you for sharing, Emmy!

    1. I was typing so fast that I missed "than" in "more in the world [than] for my Mama." Ha.

  2. Ack, I hate driving in the fog. It's super scary! Aw, great job Lucas! I know what you mean about those sick days...sometimes you just gotta snuggle the little bugs when they let you and enjoy their company right? Kind of the silver lining of when they get sick.