Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Finding Joy in Motherhood

Motherhood definitely has ups and downs and it has a lot of repetition.  The days can begin to blur together, seemingly like an endless cycle of laundry, making meals, getting kids to their destinations, helping with homework.  Along the way it can be easy to lose the vision, lose the joy of motherhood.

I was recently given a copy of Everyday MOMents-Discovering Christ in the Details of Motherhood by Jessica Poe to review; this post contains affiliate links.

Throughout the book Jessica asks how throughout the grind, the repetition, the daily mundane tasks, or the 'mothering reruns' as she calls them, what lessons can be learned from these moments, how she can see God in the day-to-day.

She states: "This spiritual thought process helps me open my eyes to see my mothering reruns as they truly are: opportunities, do-overs, chances to discover and rediscover truth, and occasions to do better and become better- to become more like Him."

I love this thought!  Doing things like laundry and making lunches, with this perspective, makes it all seem a little less awful.

I love Jessica's honesty and approach throughout her book.   Each chapter ends with a specific challenge or task for each of us as mother's to do.  The book really is a quick and easy read, something that feels doable even in the busyness of motherhood, yet it really gets you thinking and reflecting.

((She has a FREE Everyday MOMents study guide on her website))

Jessica shares entries from her personal journal as she went on this journey for finding the joy and divine in those every day moments or MOMents, as she likes to call them.  I did not take the challenges as I read the book the first time, but fully intend to go back and do these challenges, as I want to feel joy in the little things, the everyday things and I truly believe her book will help.

This book would make a wonderful mother's day gift.

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What do you do to find joy in motherhood?

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