Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Five: First Place, That Little Voice and Throw-Up

It is Friday!  Anyone else doing a happy dance for that? I know I definitely am, this has been a really long week.  Keep reading to find out why; then join me by sharing 5 thoughts and pictures from your week.  #Friday5

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5 Thoughts
1. My presentation last Saturday to the women's group from my church went really well.  I was worried as to how many people would be there and if I would have too much material or not enough, but it turned out great.. and can I say that feels like forever ago!  A lot has happened this week.

2. Lucas got recognized at school for his first place in the entire District for his Science Fair, very proud parent moment.  Though have I ever told you how Eric claps at school award things?  He has this very loud almost slow and deliberate clap.  I think half the reason he does it is just to embarass me.

3. Lucas finally got all better.  He got sick Friday night, Saturday seemed to be getting better and then got sick again Sunday night.  He missed school Monday and since has been fine, just barely got a real appetite back.

4. Ryder's first spring soccer game is this Saturday, I think his team is going to be good this season.. I hope he can play this Saturday... keep reading.

5. Have you ever had one of those thoughts, those feelings, those little promptings and ignored them?  Thursday when Ryder got home from school he just didn't seem quite himself.  He hardly ate any lunch and said he wasn't feeling good.  When it was time to get the older two from school, I had a feeling I should bring a bowl along just in case.... I did not.   We got to the school and we were waiting in the pick-up line, he was falling asleep.  All of the sudden he woke up and threw up everywhere.  I quick grabbed some napkins out of the glove box to catch some of it.   Don't ignore those feelings.

5 Pictures
My presentation outfit
My backdrops were still up after my presentation Saturday- so took a few quick pictures

Riding a bike

Card for sick brother
One Way to Push a Shopping Cart
Proud Parents
What is your Friday 5?


  1. As usual, love the pictures! XOXO
    Your second thought made me laugh. That sounds just like my husband!
    I hope Ryder is feeling better. Poor little guy!

  2. I'm sorry the boys have been sick! That's no fun! I hope everyone is doing much better now.

    That picture with the shopping cart is hilarious!