Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Five: The In-laws, Shoes and Soccer

Friday 5 time!  5 Thoughts, 5 pictures, easy way to end the week.  Join me!  #Friday5

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5 Thoughts

1. It was a busy week, with family in town and celebrating Eric's birthday; but it was also a great week.  I just need a nap now I think.

2. I wanted the rain, was excited about it- and oh we got it all right, at all the 'right' times.  On Monday when I took my kids to school it was just a light drizzle, by the time we got to school it was a sideways downpour- dumping right into the car as they opened their doors.. which were open extra long as Alex's umbrella turned inside out as soon as she got out of the car and she wasn't sure what to do.   That afternoon, it had actually cleared up a bit, but the clouds started to roll in.  1:14 PM no rain- 1:15 right as the school bell rang (early out day), the heaven's opened!  Not only rain but sleet and hail!  It was crazy.

3. Have had a great time with my in-laws here.  My mother-in-law always has lots of fun projects to do with the kids and I just truly love my in-laws.  Often wish we lived closer to family.

4. Went shoe shopping for the kids- Lucas now wears a men's size 8!  Alex is a women's size 6- she is only one size behind me!  She tried on this pair of wedge heels that she really wanted, but I told her she was too young for big heels like that.

5. Ryder had his first spring soccer game on Saturday.  His team lost, but he played good, especially considering he still really wasn't feeling well and even had a slight fever still.  If it had not been his first game, I would have kept him home.. but he went.

5 Pictures
From a recent newborn shoot I did
Sleet on windshield
Sleet on the window- make sure to check on the video on Instagram 
Ice Cream
Kids with Grandpa
What is your Friday 5?


  1. I HATE rainy day drop-off or pick-up. It's the worst!

  2. Sounds like a fun week! I'm sorry that Ryder was sick, but glad he was able to attend his first game. I'm going to miss watching Ambria play soccer so much!! Family time is always so great - I'm very fortunate that all of my family is so close to us. LOVE the picture of your kids with their grandpa.

  3. I am so glad you are getting that much needed rain! I hope it continues throughout the rain season there. Wow! It really was all the 'right' times, wasn't it?! I wish you lived near me so you could do a newborn shoot with Vince. Your pictures are always so sweet and clear, I love them!