Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Five: Spring Break, The Beach and a Goalie

Happy Good Friday!  It's Friday 5 time!   5 Thoughts and 5 pictures from the week, easy post to end the week.

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5 Thoughts

1. Last Friday, I took Alex to a soccer clinic that her coach does on Friday nights. During it she ended up playing goalie for a bit, her coach did not know she played goalie.  Saturday during her game, after two pretty easy goals made it past our keeper, her coach called Alex in.  I swear my heart about leapt out of my chest!  She did great though, only one goal making it by her and she played goalie the whole rest of the game.

2. This spring break we had a library and mall day, a day visiting with Lourie, a lazy pajama day and we had a day that started off fun with a trip to the park, but ended with me 'turning the car around' when there was too much whining and complaining.   Yet to see what today, our last day of break holds.

3. Saturday I had a beach shoot, my family came with so we could hang out and have fun after.  The shoot went great, what wasn't so good was my shoe choice and the almost mile walk from where I did the shoot to the pier.  I have worn these sandals a ton, but they did not like me that day, still have some nasty looking cuts on my toes.

4. Easter really is sneaking up on me this year!  We are going to be all ready just barely, though I still need to plan and shop for Easter dinner.

5. I am sometimes too good and putting things off until last minute.. these next two days are going to be busy.  Do you do things last minute or do you like to get things done right away?

5 Pictures
Playing goalie
My girl the goalie! 
Sunset over the ocean
Sunset over the ocean
Family beach shoot
From my beach shoot
Family on the pier
After my shoot with my family on the pier
Lunch at the mall
lunch out at the mall

What is your Friday 5?

1 comment:

  1. I hate those whiny days that spoil a whole free day! My boy is home today, and we have a few laid back things planned (like meeting my husband for lunch.) I don't know what we're doing for Easter dinner. Normally we go to a family member's house, but I haven't heard anything. I trust it will work out. ;)