Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Land of Look Behind: A Book Review

I love reading, I love when I am transported by a book, when it teaches me something new or just entertains me.  I was given a copy of The Land of Look Behind by Aaron Blaylock to review.

The Book:

When Gideon discovers a mysterious drawing tucked in an old journal he returns to his mission area in Jamaica with dreams of finding a legendary treasure. Some would kill to keep the treasure secret. This thrilling adventure takes you deep into Jamaica’s treacherous cockpit country and back in time for a spine-tingling mystery you won’t be able to put down.

My Review:
  This is where I am fully honest and say I haven't finished the book. Between kids being sick, family in town and life I just haven't finished it yet.  I thought about jumping ahead and reading the end, but it is a rare book that I can't predict and guess what is going to happen, so I want to read to find out.  I like that this book takes place in a different setting than a lot of books.  The book jumps between telling the story from someone who lived long ago to present day; it is almost like a simultaneous treasure hunt over time. 
   It did take me a bit to get into a first.  The author uses dialect to feel more authentic to the Jamaican people, which at times got a bit much for me.   
   If you are anyone you know likes a good mystery and an Indiana Jones type of story, I definitely recommend this book to them.
    This is a clean book, free from language and strong graphic imagery, though there are war and battle scenes. 

The Author:
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