Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday 5: Day Dates, Newborn Photography and the Mailbox

Happy Friday everyone!   Are all my midwest friends snow free yet?  This has been quite the crazy spring so far for a lot of the country.  Join me today and every Friday by sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures to recap the week.

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5 Thoughts

1. It's fixed!  They finally came and fixed our mailbox, it was after the time for today's mail delivery, but it is fixed!

2. Had a great shoot this week, the little guy was 2 months old, so we were planning on doing a family shoot mostly, but at the end when he just drifted off to sleep, we ended up being able to get some awesome more newborn style shots.

3. My Tuesday's become busier this week!  They switched goalie training to Tuesday, so now Tuesday afternoons involve chorus, sometimes Activity Days, two different soccer practices, and Scouts.  It is a bit insane.

4. Eric's current job is quickly coming to an end, we think we are going to stay where we are but we just never really know.  I will just be glad when we know already.

5. We have almost hit the 1 month of school left mark, which is crazy!  I will admit I am looking forward to sleeping in and lazy mornings, but the fighting and bickering that sometimes seems to happen, not as much.

5 Pictures
The Apple Store
A Saturday Day date at the movies meant a stop at the Apple Store after of course
Dinner at Five Guys
Dinner out
Book their grandpa made with his iPad drawings
My father-in law loves drawing pictures on his iPad- he put a few of his drawings into a cute book
Painting see made at an after school program
Painting she made at an after school program 
Newborn Shoot
From this week's photo shoot

What is your Friday 5?


  1. Your Tuesdays are enough to make ME tired!

  2. Hi Emmy! I've been out of blog touch for a bit and just seen you have a newborn. :) Congratulations! What a fun week! Love the Friday 5. Perhaps I will join an upcoming Friday. :)

    1. Oh not mine actually, just one I photographed. :)

    2. haha! Okay...sorry. Great photos then ;)