Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kindy 500 Truck

At our school when the kids are in kindergarten, they participate in the Kindy 500.   My oldest went to a different school for kinder, for my daughter we made an ice-cream truck, and for my youngest, we knew we had to make a Ryder truck, since his name is Ryder.
Kindy 500 Ryder Truck

We began with two boxes, one was a Smuckers box that we got at Costco, the other was just a big shipping box we cut apart.  The Smuckers box was about 2' x 15", which really seemed like a great size, big enough to do things with, but not so big he couldn't carry it.
Box For Kindy 500 Car

We decided to turn the box upside down and cut a hole for what now is the top, this way the bottom was totally open so did not impede on his legs moving.

We created the cab by cutting the other box into a partial rectangle with a top tab, we cut a hole in the main box to slide the tab into and taped it into place.  The doors, were another long strip of the box that we folded up each side and down around the bottom.
Assembling a box car
Tab to connect boxes
Tab from cab inside main box before we taped it down
We painted the box white, which did take several coats, then finished with a glossy white spray paint.

Ryder made the wheels from card-stock.
Making the Wheels

 We used red duct tape for the stripe, fancy sparkly red and yellow card stock for the lights, printed the Ryder logo and glued orange pom-poms for the top truck lights.
Kindy 500 Truck- front view
Kindy 500 Car

For the straps, I actually got a roll of velcro and we used the sticky velcro adhesive strips (the kind you often use to hang pictures on walls) inside of the box then used the long strips to make two straps to go over his shoulders.
Back of Ryder Truck for Kindy 500

He loved his Ryder Tuck and had such a fun time going on a parade for the school, getting his first ticket, going through a car wash, going to the KMV (Kindy Motor Vehicles), and 'driving' through a Starbucks and Krispy Kremes, chocolate milk and donuts.
Getting a ticket from cop at Kindy 500

Kindy 500 Parade

There were a lot cute and creative cars- here are some of my favorites from the day.
Kindy 500 Cars
Kindy 500 Car Ideas-2

Another (our last) Kindy 500 is now done, his truck worked out great and he still wears it around the house pretty regularly. Does your school do a Kindy 500?


  1. I have never heard of this but I am passing this idea down to my kindergarten teachers (I'm the librarian). So cute and I love that y'all have stations for them to stop at.

  2. This is awesome!!! My son's nickname is Mac and we made him a cardboard Mac truck for Halloween two years ago. Such a cute idea! Love the Ryder truck!

  3. that is the coolest truck and race ever! Thanks for sharing at the best of the blogosphere linky

  4. So fun! My co-op did this with a few kids, but even more fun with tons of kids! Love it!