Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Inspirational Quotes for Every Day

Have you ever heard a quote or saying that just really resonates with you, gives you hope and direction?  LDS General Conference is a fountain of quotes and hope; as I listened and watched the talks at times I couldn't write fast enough, as there was so much I was learning and wanted to remember.   Here are a few of my favorite quotes that I know share an eternal and real truth.

All of these cute images (and a whole lot more) are courtesy of the Desert News and can be found here.


In an effort to build up and empower women, sadly far too often fatherhood and men and belittled or made to look like the fools, think of how fathers are often portrayed on sitcoms.  This talk about Father's and their importance was wonderful! 
This quote I could have put under daily motivation, as I need to remember this every single day, need to really be there for my kids, really listen to them so that they know they can always come to me.  This whole talk is a great formula for family success. 

It is easy to feel that we have messed up too much, gone too far, but with God and His grace we can always return, always do better.
No matter what we can be whole!  Even in the death of a loved one, we can find peace. Another quote from this same talk that I loved "Each of us has physical, mental, and emotional limitations and weaknesses. These challenges, some of which seem so intractable now, will eventually be resolved"
This quote I put under trials, as it really and often is through our trials and challenges that we learn, grow and become better more compassionate people. 

Daily Motivation
What am I going to choose every day, it is my choice, will I choose to believe? 
It is so easy in today's world to get caught in an endless loop hole of distractions, the days I do are the days I feel the worst, lose my temper the fastest, and don't really enjoy life.  I need to focus. 

Another quote from this same talk made my list down below under Hope, seriously this talk is amazing. 
Do we make the easy decisions every day, or do we make the choices that might be hard but will help us grow and who we should really be? We need to not just choose the good but the best.  

We don't have to be perfect, we just need to strive to do our best.  We will be loved and rewarded and saved even in our imperfections. This talk is one of those powerful ones you always remember, I definitely recommend listening to it. 
Do we see ourselves as who we truly are? Do we understand what the purpose of this life is?  Do we realize that God truly loves us? 
I want to be who God wants me to be, I want to be a beacon of hope and light to those around me in this world of chaos and confusion.  I know there is hope, there is truth, there is a way for us to truly be happy and return to Him. 

There were so many more amazing quotes I could have shared.  I encourage you to listen to these talks, I use the Mormon Channel App, which is free, I listen to them while I do laundry.  There is good and light in the world!  Do we live our lives to share that light and good or do we smother it?  It is our choice everyday what we reflect, what we give, who we are.  

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  1. I love Elder Holland so, so much. I mean, I always have, but something in him has changed in the past couple of years and I just adore him.

    Plus, the other GAs are cool and all, but how many of THEM shared a picture of a T-Rex chasing kids in General Conference??