Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day.  It began by sleeping in until 8:30, this might not sound late to the teenagers of the world, but for a mom, this is late.  Alex and Ryder greeted me with a poster they had made and then drug Eric out of bed to go make a breakfast of cinnamon rolls.
Handmade Mothers Day card

Cinnamon Rolls

It was yummy!

I then opened the presents, a new tri-pod, a waffle iron, chocolates, some colored pencils for the grown-up coloring books I had recently purchased, and all of the homemade and school-made gifts, including a little necklace from Alex.
Mother and kids

Alex and I spent the morning coloring, Eric even joined us coloring a picture on his iPad.  Then it was time for church, where there were wonderful talks devoted to motherhood.
Grown-up Coloring books

After church I told my kids my one wish was to recreate a picture from a Mother's day several years ago, thankfully they complied, it was Mother's Day after all.
Mother and Kids Then and Now
Ryder is actually wearing the same tie--Lucas still has that tie- I should have made him change 
Dinner was amazing, bacon wrapped pork, wild Alaskan smoked Salmon, bacon wrapped asparagus, pasta, rolls and two pies, all of which I did not do a thing for.
Bacon wrapped food

We ended the day with a Family Home Evening lesson about the Plan of Happiness and that we know that families can be together forever.

The day wasn't perfect, Eric had to do a lot of corralling to get the boys to actually help at times, but Alex was a rock star and made parts of the dinner all by herself.  It was truly a wonderful Mother's Day and I am so happy to be a Mother.

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