Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Beginning and End: Kindergarten and 5th Grade Promotions

Yesterday was a big day, a day where yes a few tears may have slid down my cheek.  Yesterday not only was it my youngest's kindergarten performance but my oldest had his 5th grade promotion!

Okay, yes before I share a bunch of pictures, I do think it is kind of funny that 5th grade has a promotion, but when you are the mom of the 5th grader you just love it anyway.

I am so proud of Lucas and how well he has done.  When he started kindergarten, it only lasted a week and a half- until we pulled him out and waited a year.  The next year was better, but he still struggled to even get 10 green-days in a row.  Finally things began to click, and now he promoted a 4.0 GATE student who won first place in the District Science Fair, whom all his teachers adore.  What a difference a few years can make.
5th Grade Promotion parade
5th Grade Promotion
5th Grade Teacher
After his promotion we went out to lunch to celebrate.  Alex and Ryder were able to leave school early also, so the whole family went to Lucille's for a celebratory lunch.

Lucille's BBQ

Then last night, it was Ryder's turn with a really cute kinder performance, of songs and a poem.  He even was part of a group of 6 kids who came down and performed the dance to song they were singing, kind of like a mini-solo just with five other kids.
Getting Ready to sing
Kindergarten Performance

He has had a great year and I have loved being able to be there in his class so often.  As we were looking through his memory books, I realized I was there for all of the big days and a whole lot more.
With Kindergarten teacher
Best Friends

Now Tuesday, their last day of school marks the end of an era for me.  The end of having a child home at least part of the day, the end of all three of my kids ever being in the same school at the same time... the end of just elementary school as my oldest goes off to Middle school.  It has been a crazy ride and life really is good right now.  I know there will soon be many new experiences, challenges and craziness to deal with, but for today- life is good.

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  1. What a journey for Lucas. You must be so proud of him today!