Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fun Family Traditions

We all have family traditions we love.  It can be a simple as a special meal we make, a family movie night, or even a yearly trip your family likes to take.
Big Bear Lake
A few years ago my family began a yearly trip to Big Bear Lake.  We went not knowing for sure what we were going to do, but thought it would be a fun weekend getaway.  One afternoon we were hanging out by the lake and saw a boat rental place and thought, that looks like fun.

We had never rented a boat before and didn't really know how to find the best boat rental place. We just wandered from shop to shop until we found a boat we were able to rent.  If we had known about, this process would have been a lot easier.

We did manage to find a boat and the kids loved it!  We packed a lunch, boarded the boat and slowly cruised around the lake enjoying the sites. 
Family Boat ride

This has become a must during our yearly trip to Big Bear.  

We usually rent a pontoon and enjoy a leisurely afternoon on the lake.  We do like trying to 'jump' the wake of the faster speed boats; one of these years we will have to find a place that rents speed boats or even some wave runners.
Riding on a Boat
Though, I might want my kids to take some boat safety courses before we just set them free on wave runners.  I have a friend who was a competitive water skier and the things she taught me definitely helped me feel a lot more safe on the water and helped so I could finally get up on skis. 
Enjoying a boat road
If you aren't sure what type of boat your family or friends might want to rent, you should check out the Boat Selector Tool that will help you find the boat or watercraft that would be the perfect fit for your getaway.

My kids look forward to our yearly day on the lake and I know we will always have great memories from this tradition.

What traditions does your family love?

** You should check out this video- oh the feels! 

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