Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last Day of School 2016

Our summer has already begun.  Tuesday was my kids last day of school.  It really feels surreal to me, it feels more like they will have to go back on Monday.  We took our traditional last day of school pictures.

My baby is now officially in school all day, it was strange the first day I dropped him off at Kindergarten and came home to an empty house, but next year when he will be gone all day.. I might just cry the first few days.
R Last Day School
My 'red-headed beauty' as her Daddy calls her; she had a great year and loves to keep busy in so many different activities.  She is definitely my one extrovert who comes home charged and excited for life.  
A Last Day School
My first-born, I cannot believe he is done with grade school!  A whole set of new adventures and problems are about to open up in his world.  It will be a crazy ride, but I know he can make it through it and still have his heart of gold. 
L Last Day school
My three crazy kids, I do love them- even on the days that I might just need a bit of a break. 
Kids Last Day School
For fun, comparisons from the first and last days.  It was definitely a lot warmer on the first day of school, and hair was done a little more neatly and the outfits planed a little more, though Ryder is actually wearing the same shirt, he has definitely changed the most this past year physically I think.   It has been a great year.
R First and Last Day
A First Last Day
L First Last Day
kids first and last day

Do you have a last day of school tradition?

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  1. It's amazing how much kids grow and change over the course of a school year. I'm glad they had a good year and I hope you all have an amazing summer.