Friday, June 10, 2016

Colorblind Dad seeing Color For First Time

My husband is colorblind, always has been.  The world has always looked a little differently to him than most of the world.  I recently entered him into a campaign to raise awareness of Colorblindness hosted by EnChroma, who creates special glasses for the colorblind, for Father's Day.  He was selected as one of the volunteers to receive a free pair of glasses!  He received a pair of special glasses designed for the colorblind, allowing them to see the world as the rest of us do.

"What color is in this?"  "Are there flowers over there?"  These are questions I regularly hear Eric ask.  Before he went to college, his older sister created a dot system that she put on the tags of his clothes so he would know what things matched.

When we heard that he won the glasses we were both so excited.  The day that it was finally time to try on the glasses, as we drove to the park he admitted he was almost kind of scared and nervous, as truly his whole world was about to change.
EnChroma Glasses for colorblind
We arrived at the park and were greeted by the reporter from a local paper and waited for the other local winner to arrive.

They put on their glasses and both stood there almost in shock. I honestly thought my husband might react a little more, but it was so overwhelming he hardly knew how to react.  He suddenly was able to see flowers in bushes in the distance, the sky was more blue, the greens all popped in color.
red flowers

He was able to see all of the different shades of red in Alex's hair, he could tell that Lucas shirt had more stripes of different colors than he thought before.
Colorblind Dad seeing color for first time

When we were done at the park I drove so he could just sit and enjoy the views.  I wish I would have been recording him then as, every other phrase was "wow, look at that!"   Even the brightness of the green lights shocked him.  As it began to get darker he took the glasses off and said "everything looks so dull now".

Here is a video I put together showing his experience.

EnChroma is offering a discount until Father's Day, so if you have someone in your life who is colorblind this is truly a life changing gift.

EnChroma glasses do not cure or claim to cure colorblindness and are not intended to be used for passing tests that are occupation-related. Rather, it's a medical device that helps to enhance color vision for daily enjoyment.  

I truly am so grateful that he received these glasses and that now he can see the world like the rest of us do.


  1. This is so amazing!! How cool would it be if they would some day come in contact lenses! He probably does want to take them off!

    1. It really was so awesome, it is so crazy to think of what he has missed out on all his life

  2. What an amazing opportunity. I had seen a segment on a tv show about these glasses. Such a wonderful thing for people to be able to see colors!

    1. Yes, we had seem them online and and TV too, so awesome to be able to have them for himself!

  3. This sounds so incredible. I don't know if Chris is colorblind. He doesn't seem to be. But my brother is super colorblind and always has been. This would be such an amazing gift for him.

    1. I have been amazed since this happened how many other people I know that are colorblind. This would be an awesome gift for them!