Thursday, June 9, 2016

Proud Mommy Moments

Several years ago, a fellow blogger Kmama of the Daily Dribbles, who sadly no longer blogs, she and I would do a Proud Mommy Moments every Thursday.  Sometimes the moments were truly proud and other times they were  'proud' moments or embarrassing things our kids did.

Today, as summer is underway I do have a few things I am truly proud of.

I am proud of my kids for all having a great school year and loving school.  In fact they are all saying they are ready to go back to school already!

I am proud of how amazing Ryder is doing in swim lessons; yesterday he swam halfway across the pool all by himself, then with a little pause made it the rest of the length of the pool.

I am proud of how hard Alex is working to improve as goalie.  She might not have the best drop kicks and the other goalie might be slightly faster to the ball, but her coach recognizes her joy and how hard she is trying to improve, so loves her at that position.

I am proud that even though he sometimes picks on his siblings, that my Lucas truly still does have a golden heart and to see how comfortable he helped the other kids in his swim class feel, even the one that is on the spectrum.

Today I am a proud mama and hope and pray that I can keep doing the best for my kids and helping them to be truly good people who contribute, work hard and bring good to things and people around them.

What is your proud mommy moment?

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