Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What I Want My Kids to Remember About Me

When I get together with my siblings, which isn't nearly enough, it is fun to reminisce what our childhood was like, the funny stories, the things our parents did.  It makes me wonder what my kids will remember about me someday.

Here is what I hope they remember.

I want them to remember the fancy birthday cakes I always made them.  Even if we weren't having a birthday party with friends, which we rarely did, I would still always make a big fancy cake just for them.

I want them to remember that even though I hated making lunches, in fact I just dislike lunch in general, and might just have done a happy dance on the days they bought a school lunch, that I was always willing to make lunch for them and would even make kind of fun and unique lunches.

I want them to remember all of the soccer games, award assemblies, practices and events that I was at.  Even when the events drug on and on forever, I was there.

I want them to remember that I always tried to speak kindly to those around me, including in stores and wherever we went.  It always pays to be kind I would tell them.

I want them to remember that while Dad was often the more 'fun one'- that I was quite silly too and even a little ridiculous a times, making up songs about farting and gross things with the best of them.

I want them to remember that I had talents and passions of my own, like photography and writing, and while I didn't hold an official "career" while they were growing up, I still had passions and talents that I took time to pursue.

I want them to remember that I was there at home with them, that I made this choice in my life and it was what I knew I always wanted.  I wanted to be there at school pick-up, there to help them with homework, there for them when they just needed a friend.

I want them to remember how much I love their father and how I always try to support him.  I might not get the house quite as clean as he would want, but we loved each other and forgave each other for our shortcomings.

I want them to remember my testimony and my faith and that I knew and know that there really is a purpose to this life, and that I always tried my best to steer them to what I know will lead to ultimate happiness, and that I truly love our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

Most importantly I want them to remember how much I love them.  How I truly would give anything for them.  Even in all my imperfections, and in their imperfections that I never stopped loving them, never stopped being there for them,
This is what I want my kids to remember.