Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

Every month I like to pause and look back and find the things that made me smile. I have found this is especially important to do in those months that seem extra hard, as there is always something to smile about.  Linky will be open for two weeks, so join me!

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Ten Things to Smile about in June

1. Family time including a hike to a waterfall
family at the waterfall

2. Eric being able to see color like never before in his life!
Colorblind Dad seeing color for first time

3. Awesome successful swim lessons for my kids, especially the fact that Ryder is now a swimmer!

4. Alex loving soccer still and doing good at goalie.
Best Soccer Goalie Gloves

5. Father's Day and the amazing Father of my kids
Fathers Day 2016

6. Walking with a friend every morning, except on the days that I have run with Alex!

7. Crazy sunsets, even if they were because of smoke from a fire.
Blood red sun

8. Celebrating 15 years of marriage!
Out to dinner for Anniversary

9. And then celebrating it again the next week with a weekend getaway!

10. Having my parents in town visiting, we have shopped, saw sites, played games and had lots of laughs.
Family at Oak Glen
What made you smile this month?


  1. It looks like it's been a great month!

    And I still think those glasses are super cool!

  2. Eric being able to see color!! That was spectacular!

  3. Looks like such a fun summer!

    Being able to see color- that is AMAZING!!!

    Love your anniversary pic. <3