Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Five: Vacation, Cousins and BYU

Happy Friday everyone!  Today is our last day of vacation, which I am so not ready for, can't wait to tell you all about the fun (and sometimes crazy) week we had.  Here is a little glimpse of our week with Friday 5.

5 Thoughts 

1. Sometimes vacations just feel like a nice break, this one was a wonderful break that made me have no desire to go back home!  One that made me feel almost antsy about real life and where we are in life right now, almost ready for a change; yet wanting to completely ignore my actual adult responsibilities and life decisions.  I am sure once I am back home all will feel good again, but for now I just like this happy little vacation bubble.

2. I have 4 photoshoots booked the week I get back.  I have never had so many in one week, it is exciting yet daunting.

3. The cousins have all had so much fun playing together this week, there are 9 between the ages of 11 and almost 2.  It is so fun that they are so close in age and have a friend to play with, and sometimes fight with.

4. We went to BYU campus yesterday.  It was so fun being there and reminiscing, but wow when I saw the students it made me feel old!  They all looked so young; when did I get old?

5. I realized I have lived in a climate where it doesn't snow (at least not right where we live) for 10 years now.  It makes it so when I go places that do snow, like Utah, that I just assume it must be warm and summer-like year round.  I have forgotten what a snowy winter is like.. and well that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

5 Pictures

Slip and slide

Late night movie night
Kids at Bean Museum
Cousins at the Cougareat


  1. Old? Wait til those missionaries can be your babies! I can't pick on them anymore! I used to pick on them all the time. Now, I protect them like a mother hen. They are babies to me. haha.

    Your vacation sounds like a good one. Glad you had such a good time.

    1. Yes, then I will definitely feel a bit older. It was so great, now to try and adjust back to real life :)