Wednesday, July 6, 2016

5 Tips to Save Money At Home

I don't think anyone would complain about having a little extra money.  Often it is little things that can make a big impact.  Here are 5 Ways to Save Money Around your Home. 
5 ways to save money at home

1. Out With the Old
    Old appliances are a huge energy drain, costing hundreds of dollars to operate.  By switching to new energy-efficant appliances, which most states will give you a rebate for too, your monthly energy bill will decrease.

2. Bump the Thermostat
    Going on vacation?  Turn up the thermostat!  No need to cool (or heat) an empty house.  Gone during the day?  Bump up the thermostat.  Even a few degrees can make a big difference in your cooling and heating costs.

3. Bright Idea
    What light bulbs do you have around your house?  Next time a light burns out, switch to a LED light, not only will it last longer, but it will save you money in the end.  You can even get fun lights like the Philip Hue Lights that change colors, can be programed to come on and off and dance to music.

4. Go Solar
   Solar panels used to be big expensive things, but with advances in technology, while there still is that initial cost, it can make a huge impact on your power bills.
   Did you know there are now Solar Water Heating Systems?  These systems do not replace your existing water heater, but works with it by preheating the water with the warmth of the sun to help your water system use less energy.  Hot water faster, at a reduced cost; not to mention the federal, state and local rebates that may be available when you participate.  With the right rebates, some homeowners have saved up to $10,238.

--If you live in Southern California, SoCal Gas is offering a FREE one-day training that will teach contractors and home owners all about the new Solar Water Heating Systems.

5. Slow the Flow
 Do you let the water flow while brushing your teeth?  How long is the shower warming up before you get in?  Not only do these things waste water (which is definitely on our minds in Southern California), but the more water you use, the more your water bill goes up.   With the new Solar Water Heating System, you won't have to wait as long for you water to heat up, helping you waste less water and save money.

drippy-faucet and saving money at home

How do you save money around your home?   What is one small thing you could do today, that not only would help you save money, but make the world a better place?
Make the world a better place


  1. These are great tips and things we often forget. This could really add up!

  2. Trying so hard to get the family on board with me on these tips....

  3. My husband and I would love to own a home with solar panels and a solar water heater. We hope to have them someday!


  4. Great tips! Especially about the thermostat on vacation, we always do this!

    1. Yes, no need to heat or cool an empty house

  5. I would love to get solar energy for our house one day!

    1. Especially if you have a pool that you are heating makes a huge difference

  6. We do all but #4 - although if we were to get more sunshine here, I'd be tempted to get one of those solar gizmos to charge my cell phone while out walking ;-) If they come down in price, I just might!

    1. Yes, solar things definitely work better in certain climates

  7. I hope to go solar in my new home. Thanks for sharing these important energy conservation tips for the home.

  8. Great tips! WE try and do many of these things not just to save money but to save the environment too!