Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday 5: BYU Soccer, Fires and State Testing

Happy Friday everyone!  Every Friday I recap the week with 5 thoughts and 5 pictures- sharing those little things that might not need a post of their own.

5 Thoughts

1. There is another fire in SoCal- this has been all too common lately.  It is close but on the back side of the mountain so we are totally safe.  So much has been destroyed because of this fire.  We are really wishing we could take some of Louisiana's rain from them.

2.  Ryder has started minute readings for school as part of his homework.  On Monday he got hardly any words in the minute.  I read the whole passage to him, just so he could hear it- then didn't test him again until the next day.  It was very apparent he remembered a lot of what I had read him, and tripled the amount of words.  He is so close to just being a really good reader.

3. Speaking of school I have to brag for a minute. We finally got the standardized tests scores from the kids state testing last year- Alex did not miss one questions- 100% on both math and language arts.

4. Eric had to fly to San Jose for an interview with his company, he left early in the morning and was home by dinner time- I like that kind of work trip; the kids didn't even realize he had done that until I said his plane landed.

5. We had a great time watching the BYU women's soccer team play a scrimmage game against UCLA.  We know the goalie and so of course had to get a picture with Alex and BYU's goalie together.

5 Pictures
Sunset in SoCal
Fun after a photo shoot
While I was doing a photoshoot, Eric took the kids to see the hospital he is working at- but they joined me after the shoot
BYU Women's Soccer Goalie
Alex with BYU Goalie Rachel Boaz
Smoke from fire in SoCal
Smoke from the fire

Happy Friday everyone!  What are your weekend plans?

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  1. That is a business trip that is easy to deal with! This weekend is our annual girls trip. It is a smaller trip than our past concerts and such, but after last years I told them I was done. haha. Love the pic of Alex and Rachel Boaz! Sweet.