Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ten Things to Smile About

Some months are wonderfully fun and other months are truly hard, but there is always something worth smiling about.  Join me in looking back and finding 10 Things that made you smile in July.

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((I usually post the last Tuesday of the month, but am a bit late this time))

Ten Things to Smile About in July

1. Family vacation in Utah- so fun to see everyone and the cousins all got along so well!
Cousin on a big rock

2. The firework show Eric put on for us on the 4th-he was like a kid in a candy store buying the fireworks.

3. This picture, even if one cousin was missing as she was getting surgery on her broken elbow!
Emoji pictures

4.  Having the most photo shoots I have ever had in a month, love being able to document sweet moments like this
newborn photoshoot

5. Having friends that let us to use their pool during the summer.
Pool Day fun

6. Our Yes Day!
Krispy Kreme Donuts

7. Beach day with friends!
Beach Day

8. Turning a day of errands into a fun day trip with the kids.
Irvine Railroad park

9. Lazy mornings, and just the ease and fun of summer.

10. A weekend getaway with my bestie and our families!
Splash pad fun
What made you smile in July?


  1. I am sleepy! tried to comment, and signed out...so here goes...I heard about the broken elbow and the fact that she needed FOUR pins. OUCH. Your shoots are always so precious. The errand day almost looks as fun as YES day!! Thanks again for having us this past weekend. It was so much fun. :*

  2. You had so much fun in July! I'm gonna come hang out with you so that you can show me how to do fun right. :-)