Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Five: Furniture Delivery, Student of the Month and Newborn Twins

Yay for short weeks and Friday!  Sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures to recap the week.

5 Thoughts

1.  Oh the joy of Monday holidays- it is already Friday!   I think every school has now started.  It is crazy to me that there are still schools that start after Labor Day, especially since we have been in for over a month now.

2. Speaking of school,  Alex was the first Student of the month for this school year.  Very proud mama.

3. Today I get to sit around all day, well all afternoon and wait for our couch to be delivered.  I hate that they give a 4 hour time window, really can't they get it down to at least two?  Oh well, I have the beach shoot I need to finish editing anyway.

4. Wednesday, Lucas and I participated with our church in an amazing service project.  We worked with Feeding Children Everywhere and packaged 36,000 meals for kids in need.  It was an awesome opportunity.

5. Early this week I went shopping to Costco. I parked in the row I usually try and get, so I won't forget where my car is and went in and did my shopping.  I came out and put my cart at the end of my car and went around to unlock it.  I have one of those cool keyless entries so I never have to dig my key out of my purse.  I put my hand in to unlock it and nothing.  Try again and nothing.  The key fob must have stopped working!  I dig through my purse and find my key and hit the unlock button.  Nothing.  What in the world?  I hit it a few more times.  Still nothing.  Finally, I take the actual key out of the Fob and put it in the lock, it turns but nothing!  Why is my car not unlocking??  I walk to the end of the car, hitting the unlock button a few more times just because if something isn't working you just try it again right???...  only to see the tail lights on the car one spot over blinking.  I was at the wrong car.
  I quickly moved my cart over to my car and unload my groceries hoping no one noticed my little fiasco.

5 Pictures
World War II history
At at mini airplane museum
Two similar cars in a row
The cars from the car mishap
Feeding the Children Service Project
Feeding the Children- over 36,000 meals packaged
Student of the month
Student of the month!
newborn twins
Latest newborn shoot-twins!!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?


  1. I did a similar thing in my work parking lot. I started walking up to another Honda Element, even though it was a slightly different shade of blue. I was pretty tired but when I realized it, felt pretty bad!

    1. I shared about this on my personal FB page and was amazed at how many people have done something similar, so we are in good company ;)