Thursday, September 8, 2016

It's Good Life Isn't Fair

Every once in a while you hear something that truly reaches you, changes your thinking.

Sunday in church, during Relief Society, a meeting for women 18 and over, the teacher made a comment that made me really pause and ponder.

"It is good life isn't fair."

Now as a mother, I hear "it's not fair" way more often than I would like to admit.  "Life isn't fair" I will often come retort.

But on Sunday, the teacher said, "It is good life isn't fair".

She went on to explain, that none of us are perfect, or ever will be.  We all make mistakes, we all have faults and try our best to make our ways through life, but we will always fall short.  There was one who was perfect.  There was one who came to earth and lived a perfect life only to suffer and die for each and everyone of us.  If life was "fair", then He wouldn't have to suffer for crimes and sins He did not commit.  If life was fair, He would have been rewarded and punished for His actions alone.  But He did die for us. He did suffer and feel every single pain, sickness, infliction and injustice each of us have and will go through.  It wasn't fair, but He did it because of love.

So it is good life isn't fair, good that He took upon him everything even though He didn't have to in order for us to be saved.

The other day I watched a video a friend posted.  This friend is a high school science teacher at a really rough school.  He gave his students a marble tower toy, yes a toy- one my own kids have had since they were preschoolers and they could not quite figure out how to put it together.  It broke my heart watching this.

Life isn't fair and sometimes the discrepancies in life are just astounding and unexplainable.  Why was I born into the life I was, why have I been given the privileges and opportunities I have?

The older I get the more I realize this life does not have all the answers.  But someday, someday there will be answers, there will be pure light and hope and everything will seem fair.

As I drove home from church this last Sunday, I told my kids what I had learned.  'Wow!' they all proclaimed.  Later that night when Alex resorted to "that's not fair"- I reminded her what I had taught them earlier. She quickly changed her attitude and said, "You are right, it is good it is not fair."

Life is not fair, and it is good.  That does not mean I am not going to do all I can to try and take away some of the pain, injustices and problems in the world today right now.  I am going to teach my kids to look for those who are sad, look for those who are alone. I am going to do the same myself.  I am going to teach my kids the importance of hard work, a good education and never giving up- so that they can be successful, contribute to society and be able to help give back.   I am going to try my best to be a beacon of hope and light to those around me.

Life isn't fair- but this is good.

I cannot do this on my own, I need my Heavenly Father and Savior everyday and with and only because of their help can I be saved.

It's good life isn't fair.

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