Wednesday, September 7, 2016

When Monday Is a Holiday

Do you like Monday holidays? Or do you prefer them on Friday?

I love Monday holidays as it makes the rest of the week seem to go so fast, always thinking it is one day behind what it really is.  Monday holidays alway throw me off too.  They kind of feel like we have a Saturday, Sunday then Saturday again; most of the day Monday I kept thinking we would be going to church the next day.

We took advantage of our three day weekend.

We first went to my friend (and cousin's) son's baptism.  It was a wonderful service followed by a nice lunch at the park after.  We had a great time catching up with family (Eric's family technically).

Then my family went off for a mini adventure, we had some time to burn before my beach photoshoot that evening.

We tried unsuccessfully to ride the giant orange hot air-balloon, it was too windy and so it was closed.  Instead we went to nearby mall and rode the Big Wheel, a big Ferris Wheel.
family on ferris wheel

Ferris wheel
on a ferris wheel

 That and the drive the rest of the way to the beach and dinner took the perfect amount of time.

I met my client, who was actually here on vacation from Canada, and we had a great beach shoot.  Her kids, despite being up since 3:00 AM to travel, were awesome.

I texted my family after the shoot to find out where they were and Eric said they were on the other side of the pier flying a giant kite- and sure enough they were.  They bought a kite from a guy on the pier and had a great time flying the kite while I did my shoot.
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We hurried home to watch BYU pull out an awesome last minute win, I love football season!

Sunday was a wonderful Sabbath day where I learned it is very good that life isn't fair (more about that tomorrow).

Then Monday Eric and I did some couch shopping, and ended up buying one.  After the last leg rest broke, and the seat I sit in is all busted, it was definitely time for a new couch.

We did make the day fun for the kids too with John's Incredible Pizza for lunch and ended by all watching Home Alone together.   We watched it on Vid Angel and it is a good thing as there are actually a lot of bad words in that movie!
John's Incredible Pizza

It was a great weekend and now this Tuesday/Wednesday, when I am not quite sure what day it is, I am trying to get back into the swing of things.

What day do you prefer to have off?


  1. Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend! I love having Mondays off because then I work a short work week. I usually spend the entire week thinking it is earlier in the week than it is and am constantly pleasantly surprised that it is later ♥