Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Special Week for a Mother

This has truly been an incredible week.  There have definitely been some ups and downs, including some crazy stressful situations for both Eric and I with work and soccer, but overall the good of this week greatly out-weighs the bad.

On Saturday, Lucas turned 12.  Not only is he now a pre-teen, but in my faith, 12 is a huge milestone birthday.  When a boy turns 12 he is able to receive the Aaronic Priesthood.

On Saturday we celebrated his birthday with cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then he had to open his presents.  He got the one present he really wanted, a cell phone.  Eric and I had debated for a while as to when it would be the right time for him to have a phone, and after a lot of thought and consideration, he got one for his 12th birthday. (Next week I will share the contract we made him sign in order to have a phone).

Then we watched BYU beat Michigan State and went out for dinner that night at Mimi's Cafe,
At Mimi's Cafe

followed by his birthday cake-- an Awesome Face Emjoi cake.
Emoji Birthday Cake

He loved his cake!

Sunday was a very special Sunday, Ryder gave a talk in Primary and Lucas received the Aaronic Priesthood.  At the beginning of sharing time, the young men from the ward came into Primary and sang a song and then took Lucas away to his new class.  He was beyond ready to leave Primary and start Young Mens.   We then went with Lucas where Eric ordained him to be a Deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood.  I could feel the spirit so strongly and have so much hope for the boy Lucas is and who he will become.  They asked Lucas to share his testimony and he said that he felt the spirit so strongly and it reminded him of how he felt when he was baptized.  They then asked me to share a few thoughts.  It truly was a wonderful a special day.
Family at church

With grandparents

This day was even more special as it was also my Mother-in-laws birthday.  Lucas is their oldest grandchild so they had come to town for this special weekend, and so on Sunday we also celebrated her birthday.

On Tuesday, thanks to some last minute plan changes and great friends who were able to help with my youngest two, my in-laws, Eric, Lucas and I all went to the Temple, where Lucas performed baptisms for the dead.
Redlands California Temple
Redlands, CA Temple
First trip to the temple

  It was awesome to be there in the temple with him for his first time.  Family's truly are meant to be forever and there is a plan of happiness which can bring you so much comfort and peace in life.

The rest of my in-laws visit was spent sewing with the kids
With grandparents and homemade skirt
Alex made this skirt with the help of Mimi
going to soccer practices
Soccer practice at sunset
and just enjoying our time together.
Playing games with Grandpa
The Melt

This truly was a wonderful week and one I will never forget.

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