Monday, October 3, 2016

Tips for Making the After School Hours Great

I read a post on Power of Moms once that talked about the 9 most important minutes of the day.  The 9 most important minutes of the day are the three minutes when your kids first wake up, the three minutes when they get home from school and the three minutes right before bedtime.

We definitely have seen people wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and so can understand how the way the day starts can affect everything,  but what about when they first get home?

Are you rushing home, telling them to get in the car and hurry up, telling them to start doing their homework right now?  Are you busy trying to get your own things done before dinner time?

I have been concentrating on make those 3 minutes when they first get home more special.

3 Tips for Making After School Great

1. Get your things done
  I have been making an extra conscious effort to get my list of things done, or at least close to done, so I am not focused on my list when my kids get home.  Yes, I will have to get back to my list- but those few minutes when they first arrive home are so important.  These first few minutes might also be your first few minutes home, but try to set aside just a few minutes to really be present.

2. Plan a fun snack
  Do your kids have a favorite treat?   While you might not always have time to make a big elaborate snack, even something simple and classic like Goldfish Crackers.  That after school snack can help  tide over those growing tummies until dinner time.
Goldfish crackers

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3.  Talk to them
   Ask how there day was, ask if anything funny happened.  You can even start a new tradition of "Fish Stories".  In "Fish Stories" you ask them to tell two things that really happened and then one fish story, think of the book To Think I saw it on Mullberry Street.

 When you think they are telling the fish story,  toss them some goldfish letting them know you know which story was exaggerated.
Telling fun stories with kids

Not only does this make it fun for the kids to talk about their day, but it helps develop their imagination and story telling abilities.
Goldfish Crackers

Nine minutes!  We are all very busy and do have a lot to do, but if we just try and remember those important 9 minutes and take the time to really be present then we can make the entire day a little better.

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  1. The snack and talking are critical!

  2. GoldFish Crackers is one of our favorite snacks! I know right after school is the best time for my kids. They come home starving and grab a snack. We chat for a few minutes while they eat.

  3. My oldest is the only one who attends public school, and he just needs quiet time to decompress (and a snack helps too lol)

  4. I love these tips! I have to have an after school for my kids so they don't melt down before dinner!

  5. I love these crackers, and great tips!

  6. After school snacks are a must! My son always seems to be absolutely starving by the time he gets home ha ha. These are great tips ♥

  7. The first thing my kids want when they get home is a snack. And my one year old is obsessed with Goldfish. He brings me the bag from the pantry now. haha.

  8. Even my big kids still love Goldfish. Sharing on FB!