Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

It's election day.. in so many ways I will be so glad when this day is over.  For the first time in my years of voting I could not be more dismayed and baffled with the choices before us.  I love this country, I love what it stands for, I love what it was founded on... but that just all seem to be falling apart.

We cannot forget why this county began, we cannot forget what the founding fathers hoped for and envisioned and knew was necessary to make our country work.

I am not happy with the choices and who we have to vote for- but I am voting.  I have read and researched and am trying to make what I think is the best informed decision as I truly believe it is through indifference and people not really taking the time to learn and make informed decisions that we got to the point that we did today.

In California this year there is what feels like a million propositions on our ballet.  Everything from money to schools to voting if p*rn stars should be required to wear a condom in their productions.  No joke.

What drives me crazy is the way they slip things in to propositions making things that seem like they could be good, but then sneaking in their own little agenda or twist.

This is the first year I put a political sign in my yard, no not for one of the presidential candidates, but for a local representative who I have watched keep his promises and who has support from every mayor in our area both democratic and republican alike.  That is the kind of politician we need, someone who keeps the word, someone who has shown he can work with both sides.  Sadly ones like this are few and far between.

Today if you have not yet voted, get out and vote- but don't just vote to vote, learn, research and heck pray for how you should vote.  This country needs it.

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