Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Five: Student of the Month, Panera, Halloween

This is one of those Fridays where I am just giving a big sigh of relief that it is Friday.   Recapping the week with 5 thoughts and 5 pictures.

5 Thoughts

1. Alex's soccer team tied 0-0 over the weekend.  She played goalie for half the game and did awesome.  Our team had so many shots of the goal, just needed one!

2. I need to fill out my ballet still, we always get the early vote by mail ballets but 90% of the time I end up dropping them off right at the voting place as we just never get it done far enough in advance to mail.  I will be glad when these elections are over but also scared as there aren't any really good options this time.

3. Had a newborn shoot this week and it was actually a little girl!  The majority of newborns I have photographed have all been boys, so fun to get out the girly things.

4. We got some new neighbors in our culdusac and the little girl is actually in Ryder's kindergarten class.  They have been riding bikes together everyday after school now, it is cute.

5. Yesterday Ryder came home from school all excited-- he had been awarded Student of the Month! I was so proud of him and excited but also disappointed as for some reason I was not notified about it and so didn't know.  I would have for sure gone to the assembly when he received his award.  He didn't seem upset that I wasn't there, but I definitely was upset about it.

5 Pictures
panera for breakfast
No school Monday meant breakfast at Panera
Halloween costume ideas
Halloween 2016
shopping at target
Shopping the Halloween Clearance items 
sunset over soccer
Sunset over soccer 
Behind the scenes of newborn shoot
Behind the scenes at my newborn photoshoot


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing week! I am supposed to take photos for my friend but am a little nervous. Do you have any tips for working with newborns?

    1. Yes— first plan on it taking a while.. there will be a lot of downtime waiting for baby to be fed, getting baby in deep sleep, so it will take a bit of time- but worth it to wait for baby to be in good sleep. It needs to be warm, if you are wanting to be do pictures in the baby’s “birthday suit” it needs to be warm so they are comfortable and sleep good, like 79 degrees, so dress casually as it will be hot and you will get peed and pooped on, or at least there is a good chance. Have a few blankets to wrap the baby up in. Try not to shoot up the baby’s nose, save some pictures you like on your phone to look at for ideas during the shoot. Remember that some of the head up shots and shots that don’t look natural are actually composite shots, or two shots put together, so don’t try anything dangerous or not natural as it isn’t worth it unless you watch some tutorials about how to do it before. Watch your angle, don’t’ shoot up the nose, and expose for the baby’s skin, you will often be overexposing a bit to get the skin color good.

      Hope that helps and good luck :)