Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

Another Halloween is in the wraps.  A few pictures from our Halloween 2016

The day before Halloween, before church, we finally craved our pumpkins.
Pumpkin Carving

Each kid drew their own design and actually did most of the carving.  Though Eric and I had to help a lot with the gut removal as for some reason all of our kids have developed an aversion for it. I had the most stringy spaghetti like pumpkin of the group of us, it was a pain to clean out.
pumpkin face
Ryder wanted to take a try at carving a little bit and ended up taking over and doing most of it himself!

This picture scare anyone else?  Thankfully there were no injuries while carving.
cutting a pumpkin
Lucas had a three sided pumpkin this year, two different faces and the word HI
Three faced pumpkin
I carved mine with a template from a kit
Bat and pumpkin jack-o-lantern
In the end they were all very happy with their pumpkins
Kids carve pumpkins
Pumpkins and Ghost Jugs

This year for costumes, I wasn't sure if I was going to have three kids to photograph, as Lucas said he wasn't dressing up.  But in the end, he decided to wear the Rithmatist robe (from a Brandon Sanderson book) that he and my mother-in-law had made.  He didn't end up going trick-or-treating (he did go around at the church trunk-or-treat) but at least he dressed up!
Halloween Costume ideas
Police Man Costume
Empress Costume 2016
Alex also made her Empress costume with my MIL, at least parts of it.

Rathmatist Robe
Kids Halloween Costumes

Kids Costumes

It was a fun Halloween!