Thursday, December 1, 2016

A 10th Birthday Celebration

My daughter is 10!  I think that makes her officially a tween now, which is scary to me.  For the first time in many years Alex's birthday actually didn't fall during Thanksgiving break, her birthday has even been on Thanksgiving before.   Her birthday did fall on a Monday though, a busy school and soccer day.  So this year to properly celebrate her birthday, the celebration lasted almost a week.

It began on Saturday with her birthday dinner.  She really wanted ribs- and Eric was more than happy to use his new smoker.
smoking ribs in the rain

The rain definitely made it a bit tricker, but the ribs were still so, so good!
Smoked ribs

We continued the celebration on Sunday with her cake.  She wanted an ice-cream cake, like she had last year.
Icecream cake
birthday candles
10th birthday
blowing out the candles

Much to her dismay, she did have to wait until her actual birthday to open her presents.
10y-year-old birthday
watching his sister open presents
Lego Friends for her birthday

She had requested cinnamon rolls for her birthday morning breakfast, but I forgot to buy them on Saturday, so her birthday got extended even further when we had her birthday breakfast a couple of days later.
Cinnamon Rolls

I have a feeling she might want this extended birthday again next year, as really don't we all want a week long celebration?

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