Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Five: Lights, Honors Society, and Two Front Teeth

Happy Friday everyone!  Here is my Friday 5.

5 Thoughts

1.  This has been a busy but great week, we decorated for Christmas, Christmas music is playing and we are just all around excited!  The weather has even been "cold" here making it feel more like winter is coming.

2. Ryder is now officially set for Christmas as he lost his two front teeth this last week.   I have been editing pictures of a family (well many families as have lots of shoots to edit) and one of the little girls I kept thinking why is she never showing her teeth with her smile, but she currently doesn't have her two front teeth either.

3. Indoor league is about to start for soccer- the first game is this Saturday.  If you have never seen indoor soccer- think of soccer and hockey combined, subbing on the fly by jumping over the wall, slamming players into the wall, hitting the ball off the wall- it is crazy but fun to watch.

4. Lucas made the first round of being invited to Junior National Honors Society-- now to fill out the application and see if he gets accepted, they are only taking 35 kids from each grade level this year.  Proud that he does qualify, we will see if he makes it.

5. I have started getting Christmas cards from friends, got the first two yesterday, love getting these every year.  Now I just need to get a new ink cartridge so I can print the address labels and send our cards off.

5 Pictures
Hanging Christmas lights
Hanging up Christmas lights-yes Eric has shorts, that is how we roll in California
The Poke
Lunch date at the Poke Place- sushi in a bowl basically
Boys doing the dishes

Top two teeth missing
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth
So Cold she needs gloves
Few days after we hung the lights, it turned a bit colder 


  1. Ryder looks so cute with his two front teeth missing!

  2. I love getting Christmas cards as well!! Such happy mail!!