Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Five: A mouse, Indoor Soccer, a Drawer of Ice-cream

Are you ready for Christmas yet? It is coming up quickly! I definitely have a lot to do still.  Since it's Friday, I am sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures to recap the week.

5 Thoughts

1. Alex had her first indoor game of the season this last Saturday.  She was a rockstar!  She played keeper the whole time and was all over the place stopping balls left and right.  The whole team and all the parents kept commenting on how amazing she did. I was so proud of her and so happy for the boost to her confidence that this game brought.

2. Saturday night we had our church Christmas party.  It was a nice dinner, followed by an adorable program put on by the kids.  Alex was a Christmas mouse and Ryder was a sheep.  It was cute and a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

3. There was also a surprise visit from Santa at the party... and now I am wondering if Alex maybe still does believe still.  I know for sure Lucas does not; but one day as we were driving to soccer I straight out asked Alex if she believed and she said yes as Santa somehow gets so many things stuffed into their stockings and she can never get it all back in and either can Eric or I.

4. I have one photoshoot left to edit and then I am all caught up!  Well until my next shoot right before Christmas.

5. We got a new fridge this week.  It is a fancy French door one- it is actually the first really nice brand new fridge that we have ever bought, usually get a used one on craigslist.  Totally loving it and threatening the kids with their lives about cleaning up anything they may spill in it immediately of course.

5 Pictures
Donating food
They were so excited to donate food for the school food drive
Drawer of ice cream
Special freezer drawer all for ice-cream on our new fridge 
club soccer team
Awesome victory on their first indoor game
Alex as the Christmas mouse-- Ryder is behind the angel
yummy dinner on smoker
Yummy Sunday dinner-- all made on the smoker

Do you have any fun weekend plans? 

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  1. I love the dedicated ice cream drawer! We have one too :-) I had lots of fun weekend plans, but we've landed a December cold, boo. We plan on dragging ourselves to go see Santa this afternoon though.