Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tips To Getting Kids to School On-Time

Morning are hard, especially mornings before school.  Getting everyone up, eating breakfast, making lunches, making sure backpacks are ready... oh and don't forget the hair.

I have to confess, we have left the house a few times when I realized I did not fix my boys hair; my daughter's hair I seem to notice more as it is totally crazy if it is not done (heck sometimes it is crazy when done- the trouble with having half curly hair).

I remember pulling in front of my oldest son's school looking over as he was getting out of the car and thinking, oh crap, we didn't do his hair.  I didn't dare tell him, as it wasn't that bad and I didn't want him to be self conscious about it, as it was too late to do anything about it then.

How can I help my kids get ready faster in the morning?  Here are a few tips I am learning.
Tips For Getting the Kids to School on time

How to Get The Kids to School On Time

1. Let them Pick Out Clothes the Night Before
   -Yes, I said them, as not only would it be one less thing for me to do and teach them responsibility and all that good stuff, but my oldest is starting to get picky now.  Skinny jeans in his world are a no go; for a kid who is as tall as me but has the waist of a toothpick, skinny jean would look good on him, but try as I might he will have nothing to do with them.  It is so much easier if I let him pick out his clothes the night before.

2. Pack their bags the night before
  Nothing worse than scrambling in the morning looking for their missing homework or permission slips, get it all in the bag the night before! (Have a spot in your home for their homework papers-here is how I organize all those school papers and homework)

3. Make Lunches the Night Before
   I always do a little dance on the days the kids want to buy lunches, but on those days they don't-- if we would just make lunches the night before it might be a whole lot easier.  I even have two posts full of Easy School Lunch ideas!

3. Make Doing Their Hair a Breeze!
   When your boys wake up and their hair is sticking straight up, a product like GRIT is a life saver.  My boys both have more of the natural hair style, my youngest is totally the California surfer curly hair, so I don't want a product that is too heavy or mega hold.

We have recently started using GRIT Low Hold, Low Shine for my oldest.
Grit hair care review

This morning his hair looked good enough to me, but he asked if I could use the GRIT product as he said he likes how it helps his hair stay in place and look shiny (even with the low shine).

I'm telling you-- my son starting to care more how he looks is a bit of a new world for us-- welcome to the teenager years.

GRIT has a whole line of products for men and boys, available at Great Clips, even some that are strong hold and mega shine.
Grit Products

My husband used the Hair + Body and said he was surprised how thick it was, as often products like that are just too runny, he liked it.

**A little tip- if you are going to Great Clips to get your hair cut (where I take Alex to get her bangs trimmed as I cannot do it straight for the life of me)-- you MUST get their Great Clips App.
Great Clips App

 It is free and you can use it find out wait times AND check in and reserve a spot.  If you just walk-in, everyone who reserved a spot will get in ahead of you, even if you were there first, I learned this this hard way one time, so definitely get the App!**

What tips do you have to make the mornings go more smoothly?

Make sure to check out the Great Clips Instagram Feed-- they currently have a Giveaway for a Playstation4 Pro happening!  Definitely something you will want to enter.
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  1. We just got our first Great Clips and I really like it. They save all the cutting information in their computer so it doesn't really matter who cuts my son's hair. Very convenient. :-)

  2. Such great tips for getting little ones our of the house on time. It can make for a stressful and crazy morning if you have not planned.

  3. We have never been to Great Clips but I LOVE the app idea. Very convenient. Also, setting clothes out ahead of time is what keeps me from being late every morning!!!

  4. Love your photo caption "I'm NOT Martha Stuart Lunches" I am there with you! I do not make my kids food into masterpeices of art. They eat the food or they're hungry. I worry about health and that it is something they will likely eat. Okay, once in a great while I cut a sandwich into a shape, but I would rather encourage eating the crust. Great tips for any parent to get out the door in the morning. ~SandyToesCreations

  5. Great tips! Hair is something we have to deal with each day as well. I'll have to check out the product you're using!

  6. It's all about the prep, isn't it? Even schooling at home, we need to prep in order for things to run smoothly. And hair - just because we're at home, we should still look nice!