Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Five: Donuts, donuts and more donuts

So apparently I have become a once a week blogger lately...  I would love to get back into the swing of things.  Is there something you would like to know about me?  Something I could help you learn?  if so let me know!

5 Thoughts

1. The kids are back in school after spring break and I am totally ready for summer now.  We will see halfway through summer if I am still feeling that way, but I am ready for easy mornings.

2. Twice this week, I pulled into my driveway only to either be dropping off kids or hurrying to something only to leave a few minutes later again.  My days with my kids in school might be more easy and slow but my afternoons filled with activities/sports and running kids places are so crazy busy.  I am not sure which is better.

3. This weekend is the first session of General Conference or the Women's session. I am so excited and so ready for some good inspiration and hope.  You can watch it online this Saturday here.

4. It got cold and rainy again this week.  I am just glad we had good weather for spring break... and I didn't miss having one night off when soccer got canceled.

5. In some ways I am "all caught up" on things right now... there are so many things I want to do or could be doing, but sometimes when I don't have as much on my plate I seem to do less... am I the only one?

5 Pictures
Cake Among Us Donuts
When a local donut shop makes a Buzz Feed list for one of the best in the country- well you have to go
no boundries
class of 2028
Finally remembered to take this picture for 1st grade! 
the donut man donuts
These Donuts are from the Donut Man

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  1. I love that donuts feature so prominently in your everyday moments! :) Plain glazed are still my favorites!