Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Five: Spring Break, St. Patricks Day, Pink Drink

Did you realize it's Friday?  I didn't until a couple of hours ago, Spring Break has totally thrown me off apparently!  Not only is it Friday, it's St. Patrick's Day!  So Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I grew up near Chicago where they celebrate in full force, even dying the river green.

My Friday five--

5 Thoughts

1. Ryder had his last soccer game of the season; they had not won any games this year-- but this final last game, they won 6-0!   He was so happy to end with a win.  Alex's team also won 2-1, she even took a shot on the goal, didn't score but exciting to see.

2. Spring break has been fun, we started the week with me editing pictures from recent photo shoots and the kids helping get Ryder's room all clean.  I told them if they did this and gave me this day to get work done, then the rest of the week we could have fun.

3.  They each picked something fun to do each day, we went to Sky High trampoline place, had a picnic lunch at the park and got some ice-cream and went bowling.  Tomorrow we are going to go to the driving range, we waited for that one for Saturday when Eric could go with us.

4. I am still taking my Pink Drink and still totally happy with it.  The energy I have is so much better throughout the day.

5. I am currently all caught up on photoshoots. I have another booked in April and sure I will soon have more, but it feels good to be all caught up for the minute, I was even able to finish a book I had been reading today after I finished the pictures.

5 Pictures

soccer team


Selfie with glasses

Wind machine

Picnic in park


  1. That's so exciting for Ryder's team! I know it can be so disheartening to not win a single game. Even when you're having fun in the process.

    Your sushi pic is making my mouth water. My brother and I tried to go to a sushi place for lunch today, but the wait was too long, so we had to go somewhere else. I think I need to get some sushi this weekend, though!

  2. Great job to Ryder and his team! So awesome to end the season on a win. Your sushi pictures always make me wish I had a piece right this minute. Looks like you had a great week. Cute glasses!