Monday, March 6, 2017

What I Really Think About the Plexus Pink Drink

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It took me five months, five months of a friend asking before I finally tried the "Pink Drink" or Plexus Slim.  Five months of saying no, five months of almost dreading when that friend sent me a message.  How did I get to where I am today, now an ambassador, sending out the e-mails trying to sell the pink drink?  Here is what I think about the Plexus Slim or the Pink Drink.

Day -15: I finally gave in, there was a Facebook event that I finally agreed to attend, and I won. I seem to have quite a bit of luck at winning small giveaways.  I won money for some Plexus product, I don't even remember what, but my friend who invited me said I could apply it to another product, so the "Pink Drink" it was.

Day -4: My prink drink arrived, I didn't take it... I began having major doubts about some factors of it and was ready to say forget it before even taking it.  But something just kept nagging me about it (and no not my friend trying to sell it to me).  I thought of the good personal friends who told me all of the changes it did for them, no more migraines, no more gut problems, more energy, sleeping better, no more restless leg, etc.etc.

Day 1: Okay, here I go.  Wait how much water do I have to mix it with? I can't drink that much water very first thing in the morning, what is the minimum? Okay I will do that.  I am having flash back to that awful orange drink you have to take when pregnant.

I mix it up, it is pink, hence the 'pink drink'.  Take my first sip, it's good!  Totally wasn't expecting that.   All of those health products seem to be nasty.  Kind of tastes like strawberry or maybe watermelon Kool-Aid.  All right, I did it, my first drink.

Day 6: I am sick, darn cold that my kids had I finally got, and oh look a coldsore too.  Seriously, haven't had one of those in a while.  This stupid drink doesn't seem to be doing anything.  I told my friend so, it isn't supposed to be a quick fix she assured me, it takes time to heal a gut.  Sounds like something someone selling it would just say I think to myself.

Day 15: All better now, my cold definitely didn't get as bad as my husband's, plus thankfully my cold sore went away quickly.  Still taking the pink drink.

Day 29: All right, I did my month, tried it now I can get my friend off my back, going to go cancel my order.   Dang, it say's it's processing.  I wonder if that means it's too late to cancel.  Maybe I will give it one more month, there is a 60-day back money guarantee after all.

Day 40: Got a text that put me in tears very first thing in the morning, upset angry-- things just aren't fair.  I want to eat, I want comfort food. Not going to wait the 30 minutes to eat breakfast, just not taking the pink drink today.

The rest of the day was much better, had a great day with the family, went to a movie had a lot of fun.. feeling so much better than I did in the morning.... oh no, what is that, holy cow I am gassy.  Man, it seems like something died inside of me.  This gas if awful this is just like the gas I would often get... before I took the pink drink....

My husband comments, wow you haven't been like this in a while now, plus we haven't had to hurry home after eating out.

It hit me, no more urgent trips to the bathroom, no more gas that seems like something died inside of me, no more daily afternoon naps as I was just too tired to make it through the day, and my weight which had been so stagnant and stuck at a number I didn't like,  my weight dipped a few pounds.

The pink drink was working!

I honestly half believed it still.  Was it all just my imagination, had I changed anything else in my life that was causing the good affects?

No-- it had to be the pink drink.

Here is where I admit, I still don't know as much about the pink drink or other Plexus products that I probably should, all I know is what it did for me, what it has done for my good personal friends and that I like the way I am feeling now.  I want to keep feeling good, I don't want to have regular trips hurrying to the bathroom as I just have to go.   I want to take a nap only because I want to, not because I just can't make it through the afternoon.  I want to finally lose some of that weight around my gut that just never quite goes away since having kids.  And this is why I am selling the Pink Drink.  This is why it has become something I believe in and support.

I would love for you to join me, in learning more about what the Plexus products can do for  you.

The Triplex, three of the most popular products of Plexus working together can:

--Support Weight Loss
--Support healthy glucose metabolism
--Promotes healthy gut flora
--Helps maintain a healthy immune system
--Helps remove harmful microbes and substances
--Helps nutrient digestibility
--Supports your body's natural detoxification process

If you would like to learn more or are ready to start getting a healthier more energized version of you, visit my Plexus site, message me or leave a comment here letting me know.  I would love to help you start feeling better and having more energy to do what you want to be able to do during your day; even if you just have questions ask away, if I don't know the answer I will try and find out for you.

So what do I really think of the Pink Drink?  I am sold, it works.


  1. Looks interesting! Can you take it with other supplements? I currently take a multi vitamin, biotin and protein powder (in water) after exercising.

    1. Yes, you definitely can take it with other supplements-- in fact it is encourage to get your complete overall health.