Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Five: Awards, Service and The Tooth Fairy

Happy Friday everyone!  Recapping the week with 5 thoughts and 5 pictures

5 Thoughts

1. Do you know why I am grateful for pictures?  Because sometimes they are the only thing that helps me remember what happened in the week!  Just one of those weeks that seemed to go by in a blur.

2. After more rain on Monday, and soccer practice being cancelled, we are finally get some warm California sun again, I have missed it!

3. Yesterday was my kids school awards assembly.  Alex got Principle's Honor Roll with a perfect 4.0.  Ryder got on the "On the Right Track" award-- which is the 1st grade equivalent of Honor Roll or in his case Principle's honor roll as he has all O's.  Proud mama!

4. I love that my church provides so many opportunities to serve.  Lucas has to have so many outside hours of service for NJHS.   I knew it would be no problem, as our church is always doing something.  Just this week he helped staple flyers to a bag for an upcoming food drive.

5. This week Ryder lost yet another tooth, this is his 6th tooth that he has lost now and only 2 adult teeth have grown back in!  Poor kid won't be able to eat anything soon if more don't grow in soon. Oh and the tooth fairy might have forgotten to come for the first time.... thankfully she made it the second night.

5 Pictures
lost another tooth
Another tooth gone
editing pictures
Editing lots of pictures this week-- and yes my messy desk really shows my life right now
cereal with no milk
Cereal with no milk
best friends
My daughter and her best friend- she is perfecting the crouch- for a girl that is going to be about 6' she will have to do this a lot
awards assembly
awards assembly 

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  1. Since following you on Instagram, I seldom check blogger - I am a huge fan of pictures, my saying is, 'If theres not a picture, then it didn't happen.' I'm glad you such a good picture taker, it really a great way to document life. Your right about church, at preschool our playground has been snowed in for months - a fellow member organized some scouts to come dig us out. With the sun shining it was so nice to take the kids out and actually play on our structure.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your California weather! I'm a bit jealous