Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Five: Eater, In-laws, Open House

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you all have had a great week and a fun weekend planed.  Recapping my week with 5 thoughts and 5 pictures

5 Thoughts

1. My in-laws came to visit last week.  For some this may cause dread, for me it is something I look forward to.  Love when they visit and my kids adore them.  We didn't do a ton of stuff but did have a great time.

2. We definitely ate a lot while they were here.  Eric worked from home on Friday so he could smoke a brisket, it was so good!  Then we had a delicious ham he made on Easter.. so yes, so much yummy food!

3. I had a newborn shoot this weekend when everyone was here.  They left and went to the driving range and out to lunch, was sad to miss that part, but glad it all worked out.  Now just to get the editing done!

4. It was Open House week for us, Lucas' and then the grade schools.  They had lots of different food trucks and fun games at both.  The middle school's food trucks worked out better as there were more and they were there for a longer duration of time, so the lines weren't so bad... and the grade school, we ended up just going to 5 Guys after, giving up on waiting in a line that never seemed to move.

5. In Ryder's class they had a Who Am I page, and the last question was what do you want to be when you grow up.  Ryder answered, a Dad!  Made my heart melt.  My kids do have a good Daddy.

5 Pictures
Making strawberry pie

Pizza with Grandpa

Golden Gate Bridge

Food Trucks

Who Am I

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