Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Five: General Conference, Art, and Farts

Happy Friday!  I am excited for this weekend, will be leaving soon to head with a friend to Time Out For Women!  Should be an awesome weekend, and every mom needs a time out now and then.

5 Thoughts

1. Last weekend's General Conference is exactly what I needed!  Really helped me refocus on what matters in life.  I am so excited to go back and listen to the talks again as I know I will continue to learn so much from them.

2. Ryder did a little painting class after school, he did such a great job and was so proud of his artwork, I was proud him too!

3. This week Lucas got to go to Knott's Berry Farm with school, all of the kids on the Principle's Honor roll got to go.  So very proud of him for earning this and that he overcame his nerves about going and had an awesome time with his friends.

4. The weather for soccer has been perfect lately, it does get a little chilly by the end of practice; but I know when it is almost 100 degrees out I will be wishing for these days.

5. Funniest conversation I overheard.
  Lucas to Ryder:  "You farted you are the fart King."
  Ryder: "No, mom is the fart Queen!"
  Lucas:  "Not anymore, she takes her pink drink now.  I need to find a way to sabotage it so she can be the fart queen again."

I guess my Pink Drink really is working!

5 Pictures

black and white mom and kids

watching general Conference

Kid bee painting

kid drawing of people


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  1. I laughed out loud about the fart conversation -- I could see my boys having that conversation ha ha! Sounds like you have had a wonderful week ♥